Can-Pack Group operates in the metal packaging market for over 20 years. During this period, has become a leading manufacturer in the beverage packaging industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and constantly strengthens its market position in Western Europe, Asia and Africa.

CAN-PACK S.A. in Kraków was established in 1992 as a subsidiary of Pol-Am-Pack S.A., founded for the purpose of producing 330 ml aluminum beverage cans and SOT 206 aluminum easy-open ends. The first production line was launched in the beverage can plant in Brzesko in 1994. Currently, CAN-PACK S.A., is the main entity of Can-Pack Group and constitutes the center of the Group’s management.

As a result of continuous investment and installation of equipment at the world-class technological level, the capacity and range of packaging and services offered have increased dynamically. At present the offer of Can-Pack Group includes – in addition to beverage packaging – a wide range of welded steel cans for food industry, easy-open ends, aerosol cans, bottle closures, packaging for the chemical and the cosmetic industries, glass and plastic packaging, as well as services related to the production of packaging.


In the last years of the Can-Pack Group has achieved spectacular success, evolving into a modern Capital Group and is now one of the leading manufacturers of metal packaging in the world. The plants of the Group employ over 4,000 people and annual sales exceed $ 1.4 billion. The installed capacity currently allows us to offer approximately 10 billion beverage cans, over 30 billion pieces of bottle closures, nearly 1.2 billion of metal containers for the food and the chemical industries, and approximately 219 tons of glass packaging.


The current organizational structure of Can-Pack Group is based on five industrial holdings: beverage cans, food and chemicals packaging, glass containers, closures for bottles and developer services. The service division centralizes support functions provided to all Group companies (accounting, personnel management, recycling, transport packaging trade, IT, etc.) Integration of activities achieved in this way allows for adapting the management structure to the needs of a dynamically growing organization and enables increased product specialization.

  • establishment of Pol-Am-Pack S.A. – the first unit of Can-Pack Group
  • establishment of Can-Pack S.A. in Cracow
  • establishment of Can-Pack Metal Packaging Factory Ltd. in Bydgoszcz
  • Can-Pack S.A. Commercial and Marketing Office was founded
  • start-up of the Beverage Can Factory in Brzesko Can-Pack S.A.
  • establishment of the companies: Artigraph S.A. in Cracow, U-PACK Inc. in Yavoriv (Ukraine),
    Can-Pack-Pol-Am-Pack Transport Ltd. in Brzesko
  • CAN-PACK Ltd. in Moscow was created
  • foundation of AMEP Pack S.A. in Tecucci (Romania)
  • Pol-Am-Pack Tool and Die Manufacturing Ltd. was founded
  • establishment of Arab Can Co Ltd. in AE
  • creation of the subsidiary of Can-Pack S.A. Beverage Can Factory in Bydgoszcz
  • the subsidiary of Can-Pack S.A. Production Plant Artigraph in Cracow was created
  • official opening of the Beverage Can Factory in Bydgoszcz
  • creation of the subsidiary of Pol-Am-Pack S.A. Production Plant Fomet in Dębica
  • establishment of Can-Pack Ukraine Ltd. in Vyshgorod
  • Can-Pack S.A. in Cracow takes over the production activities of all units of the Group in Poland
  • official opening of the Beverage Can Factory in Vyshgorod, Ukraine
  • opening of the second production plant in Dubai, AE
  • start-up of the Beverage Can Plant in Bucharest, Romania
  • acquisition of the Glass Works in Orzesze, acquisition of Eco-Serwis Ltd. in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki
  • creation of the following companies:
    Can-Pack General Line Ltd. (on the basis of Fomet) in Dębica
    Can-Pack Accounting Services Ltd. in Cracow
    Can-Pack Real Estate Ltd. in Cracow
    Can-Pack Personnel Service Ltd. in Cracow
    Can-Pack Consultanta Imobiliara s.l.r. in Bucharest, Romania
    Can-Pack Metal Closures and Containers s.l.r. in Bucharest, Romania
    Can-Pack Metal Closures Ltd. in Brzesko
  • acquisition of the following companies:
    TIK Slovakia s.r.o. in Kosice, Slovac Republic
    TIK Modrice AS and KAMOKO s.r.o. in Modrice, Czech Republic
    CAN-PACK Istanbul Ambalaj t.l.s. in Istanbul, Turkey
  • acquisition of TAPON France S.A.S. in Saint Marcel, France
  • creation of the following companies:
    Can-Pack Middle East LLC and Can-Pack ME DMCC in Dubai, AE
    Can-Pack M.E. FZE in Jebel Ali Free Zone, AE
    start-up of Beverage Can Factory in Dubai, AE
  • start-up of the Logistics Centre in Oświęcim
  • starting the production of 44 cl beverage cans in Scunthorpe, GB
  • establishment of joint venture company Can-Pack Linco in Cairo, Egypt
  • start-up of the Beverage Can Factory in Aurangabad, India
  • taking over the business of Tapon Corona Iberica in Madrid in Spain
  • start-up of the beverage can factory in Volokolamsk, Russia
  • Can-Pack S.A. become a shareholder of Morocco Beverage Can Company in Morocco
  • creation of the subsidiary of CAN-PACK S.A. to coordinate a building of another beverage can factory in Finland
  • starting production of beverage cans in Casablanca, Morocco
  • startup of second beverage manufacturing unit in Scunthorpe, GB
  • startup of second beverage manufacturing unit in Dubai, UAE
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