The World of Can-Pack

Welcome to Can Pack Middle East, a member of Can Pack Group with headquarters based in Cracow, Poland. Can-Pack Middle East was established in Dubai Investments Park in 2007 with initial capacity of 650 million cans and 1.5 billion can ends. The unit manufactures beverage cans in capacities of 150ml, 185ml, 250ml, 300ml, 330ml and 355ml as well as Easy-Open Ends in diameters 200 and 202 in both standards of Ring-Pull Tab and Stay-On Tab. Since then the plant has undergone number of expansion projects taking the capacity to 1.5 billion Cans and 3.5 billion Can Ends by 2014.
As part of the Can-Pack Group, we supply innovative quality packaging solutions dedicated for a variety of products and applications.
As we believe there are many different contributing factors that help us grow and develop, of which the following should be mentioned in the first place: Human resources, comprising highly qualified specialists who form a close knit team capable of providing the right and often nonstandard and pioneering solution, products, flexibly adjusted to the needs of particular customers, technology which is constantly perfected, allowing us to expand aggressively onto new markets owing to efficient cost management and the high quality of our products.

We, at Can-Pack are devoted to expansion into new markets and new technologies. Over the years we have been continuously improving our products in order to maintain the balance between quality and environment and are continuously improving our production capacity to meet the growing demands of the market.

Can-Pack Group


Can-Pack Group continuously develops in terms of geographic and product expansion. The present organizational structure reflects the on-going processes within the Group. Dynamic development of particular aspects of our business activities requires development of a target structure based on different branches of production (beverage cans, steel cans, crown bottle corks, glass packaging), including domestic and foreign companies and branches. Moreover, we established a separate service branch to centralize the activities of Can-Pack Group within the scope of management, finance and recycling. Thus, the synergy effect enables effective management of particular aspects of activities within the Group, optimum utilization of resources and possibilities of further development.

The organizational chart of the group is presented below:


The common denominator here is the universal acceptance of the principle of highest quality in everything we do.


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