ecology_imgBearing in mind the tremendous importance of the environment protection for the quality of life of the society, Can-Pack Group is actively involved in pro-ecological activities. Such activities include the application of the highest quality of raw materials in the production – water-based inks and lacquers, and technologies reducing the emission of harmful substances to the environment – all of our lacquvering lines are equipped with catalytic fume incinerators.

Our own laboratory is continuously monitoring the levels of emissions, lighting, and noise.

Can-Pack Group was the first entity in Poland to implement the Aluminum Can Recycling System (ACRS) in 1995, the programme which made waste segregation and selective collection of used aluminum packaging possible.

We are now working in other parts of the world in order to establish Used
Beverage Cans collection system for the better future of coming generations.

Sustainable Development

According to the concept of sustainable development, any decision taken by the Management Board of Can-Pack Group is considered not only for economic but also environmental and social terms, in order to meet the present needs without compromising the needs of future generations.
Can-Pack Group is involved in many social projects by investing both in their own human resources as well as local communities. This type of policy provides favorable conditions for the development of the company in the long term and is evidence of the social responsibility of business.

Environmental Management

All factories of Can-Pack Group have environmental permits in accordance with the applicable national law.
In most factories producing beverage cans the environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004 was introduced. Every year, subsequent factories are the subject to certification.

Reducing the impact on the environment

In all factories of Can Pack Group the impact upon the environment is monitored in accordance with local legal requirements and internal standards of the Group.
Periodic and, in some cases, continuous measurement of emissions to air, water and sewage transportation are conducted. Consumption of utilities and production materials are constantly monitored and analyzed, and the results are used to develop plans to reduce the impact on the environment.

Pro-environmental activities in the individual factories are concentrated in the areas including
  • reduction of energy and water consumption through the implementation of improvements and technological innovations
  • reduction of emissions and noise to the environment
  • reduction of amount and segregation of production waste

These activities are associated with a number of expenditures, investments and training of production personnel.

Can-Pack Group makes every effort to ensure that the materials used for the production come from environmentally friendly suppliers, because they are judged not only on economic criteria, but also compliance with environmental, health and safety standards.

Our motto is: “Common World – Common Responsibility”.

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