Other products
Food cans

Round steel cans
Our cans are used for fruit and vegetable products, meat and fish products. The inside coatings of the cans are fit for contact even with highly reactive foodstuffs. We design new shapes for our cans and constantly enhance their lithography.

Shaped Saniyary Cans
Shaped cans for coffee, sweets, soups represent yet another step to accommodate the needs of the customers who wish to exploit the marketing potential of innovative forms of packaging.

Cans for vacuum packing of dry products
The can is suitable for packing dry products, such as: coffee, infant formulae, dietary supplements, powdered milk, nuts. It is composed of body with beaded or straight wall, bottom end, easy-open end or peel-off end.

Chemical packaging

Aerosol cans
Aerosol cans for cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical products are manufactured of tinplate with multi-colour lithography of the highest quality.

Aerosol containers are used for household chemicals (e.g. air fresheners, furniture cleaners), cosmetics (e.g. deodorants, hair lacquers, shaving foams), automotive products (e.g. defrosting agents, car cosmetics), and also for insulating foams and insecticides.

Conical and tulip pails
Our pails are made of tinplate and they are suitable for packing chemical products. Conical pails are capped with a steel crown end, or a press-in lid, or a lid with a tightening hoop. Tulip pails are capped with a press-in lid. The appearance of our packaging benefits greatly from the application of multicolour lithography.

Pails are used, e.g., for the packaging of paints and lacquers, bituminous masses, tar or glues.

Cylindrical boxes
Following the developments on the market of chemical products, we produce various types of packaging for paints, lacquers, solvents, oils, fillers, glues and putties. There are also different designs to choose from, such as cans with pressed-in lids or with a regular or ecological ring – for water-soluble paints and shaped boxes. The appearance of our packaging benefits greatly from the use of multicolour lithography.

  • Three-piece chemical boxes
    This type of packaging is used for filler, putty, car/floor/furniture etc. waxes, lubricants and the like.
  • Four-piece chemical boxes
    Four-piece chemical boxes are used for paints, lacquers, glues, loose or granulated products etc.
  • Boxes with an aperture
    Boxes with an aperture are used for chemical products, such as: solvents, impregnants, curing/hardening agents etc.



Crown corks
We offer intermediate pry-off and twist-off crown closures for beverage industry.
Closure liners can be made out of PVC-free, or PVC – including phthalate free, compounds with additional features like oxygen scavenging or barrier function.
Closures can be finished with highest-quality lithography, made with conventional or UV technology process. Additionally, lithography can be embossed or embossing can be the only decoration.
Inside off-set printing can be applied for promotional purposes or laser inside printing is also possible with unique alphanumerical or graphical codes application.

Aluminium easy-open ends
Aluminium ends are used for closing aluminium beverage cans. Available in silver and golden colour versions with colourful keys. They can be found in the following versions: SOT 200, SOT 202 and SOT 206 as well as RPT 200, RPT 202 and RPT 206. There is a possibility to make a laser imprint on end keys, to press them or to make an opening inside a key.

Steel ends
Ends for closing steel cans. They make can opening quick and easy.
These ends are equipped with a closing mechanism which helps you open a can on its full circumference. A notch on the end is protected from corrosion by using the method of electrolytic coating.
There is a possibility to make a laser imprint on end tab.

Twist-off ends
We offer Twist-Off lids for sealing of jars. Lids can be made with multi-colour lithography.

Glass packaging

other_products_3Pol-Am-Pack S.A. which is a part of Can-Pack Group, in a short period of time has proved that can be considered as a reliable partner, offering modern business approach within the production of glass containers dedicated for beer, spirits and soft drink industry as well as for packing of food and industrial products. Our production is based on the best available technologies and equipment.

Containers are offered in a wide colour range, including flint, amber and green glass. Production is performed in NNPB, PB and BB technology, the last one is used especially for manufacturing of containers of particularly sophisticated designs. Available technology enables us to offer wide variety of containers of a capacity from 40 ml to 1000 ml and various designs.

Our production is supported by in-house Product Development Studio, which guarantees complex service within the product implementation. Starting from preparation of conceptual framework, through the technical documentation, product visualization prepared on request, ending on preparation of the bottle samples made in glass, which enable to perform all necessary technical tests and approvals. Expanded network of glass cullet collection points as well as own, modern and highly efficient installation to its processing secure direct access to one of the key raw materials and at the same time constitute one of the significant elements of the company activity within environment protection.


Can-Pack Group offers services related to the production of packaging. These services are rendered through specialist units within the group. Our services include the following categories:

Engineering services for construction of beverage can or end making plant:
  • We provide complete services from the stage of engineering assumptions through construction planning, equipment delivery, production startup, employees training and production support and management.
Design Services:
  • designing containers and elements of these containers in accordance with the needs of a customer;
  • exposure of montage films, exposure and developing of printing plates;
  • designing lithography for packaging printed on metal plates with the use of professional equipment and software;
  • designing complete production lines of metal containers and elements of these containers;
  • delivering new or used machines, devices and complete production lines, depending on the needs of a customer;
  • installation and start-up of production lines of containers and packaging lines for feedstock together with servicing;
  • Designing and producing instrumentation, tools and spare parts for delivered devices.
Cutting and Varnishing Services:
  • cutting, varnishing and printing of metal plates;
  • cutting metal from rings to sheets: width of tape up to 1200mm, option of linear and profile cutting;
  • varnishing tin and aluminum sheets with various enamels and varnishes;
  • Printing of tin-plated steel and aluminum sheets with thermally hardened printing inks.
Repair Services:
  • repair and modernization of closing machines for metal containers;
  • Repair and modernization of production lines of metal containers.
Production Services:
  • production of tools and spare parts; production of spare parts for closing machines;
  • production of spare parts for food industry;
  • Production of press tools and instrumentation for press machines.
Engineering Services:
  • turning services, milling services, grinding services;
  • thermal treatment and galvanic services;
  • engineering services;
  • Development of technologies and selection of materials and raw materials needed for producing metal containers used for different purposes.
Phone: +971 4 8020100 CPME_SALES@CANPACK.COM