CANPACK Middle East LLC is a leading manufacturer of aluminum beverage cans and can-ends.

Our mission is to contribute to the success of our customers, the prosperity of employees and communities, and the sustainability, growth and profitability of our operations by reliably supplying high quality and food safe products.

To perform the adopted mission, the organization have set the following objectives:

  • To be at the head of the aluminum 2-piece cans and can ends manufacturers in the region.
  • To increase efficiency of key processes and effectively manage the intellectual capital.
  • To minimize the negative effects of the activities on the environment.
  • To provide and maintain a safe workplace and hygienic environment for both workers and the products.

The set objectives are accomplished through:

  • Up-keeping, constant analysis and continuous development of the implemented integrated quality, food safety, environment and occupational health & safety management systems according to relevant and valid international standard.
  • Consistent observance of the law and other regulations related to product, environment and health & safety.
  • Identification and continuous improvement of processes in the integrated management system influencing the product quality and food safety, environment, and OH&S.
  • Prevention of accidents, potential accident situations, occupational diseases and aspiration of continuous improvement of industrial safety.
  • Continuous analysis of hazards and opportunities for improvement in the managed areas and processes and special supervision of the places generating significant risks.
  • Following and improvement of good production principle practices, good hygiene principles and WCM practices during the production process.
  • Continuous improvement of our products and services using innovative technologies.
  • Cooperation with verifies and approved technological materials and transport services supplier and other interested parties.
  • Creating quality consciousness of the workers by making them aware of the importance of meeting the customers’ expectations and the influence of the manufacturing on the environment, and raising professional qualifications concerning industrial safety.
  • Close cooperation with the customers at all stages of product manufacturing and use in order to enhance customer satisfaction and continuous effort to improve.

The Management of CANPACK Middle East LLC provides the means necessary to implement the policy of the integrated management system, it regularly reviews the implemented system efficiency and guarantees that the policy goals are known, understood and observed by all employees.



The Can Pack M.E. management provides means necessary for implementation of quality and food safety policy, makes systematic appraisals of the implemented system efficiency, and guarantees that the quality and food safety policy goals are known and understood by all employees.

Statistical Process Control:

We invest with our quality. To be able to make the performance of both our process and our products predictable, CPME is using sophisticated software that enables us to review and control the parameters real time.



Ensuring the quality and food safety of the products begins with the quality of the raw materials. CPME has established its material specifications conforming to the industry standard, customer standards and applicable regulations guaranteeing our products’ quality and food safety.

Pre- Production:
Tools and dies are being carefully maintained, monitored and assessed by highly qualified and trained engineers using equipment and gauges in the like of Taylor Hobson, Mitutoyo, IMECO, etc.

Quality is at work round the clock both in the both production lines and in the modern laboratory. Using the modern techniques and measuring equipment from TORUS, Versatile, SENCON, Pressco and METOP gives us the advantage in terms of quality and product safety.

Approvals /Authorizations:
Our cans and ends undergo approval process from our different customers based on their requirements.
This is one way of saying that our cans and ends are compliance with the requirements at all times.

Laboratory Certification:
Our laboratory located in Brzesko, Poland is an authorized 3rd party laboratory by Pepsico.


High quality production has received attention from such companies like: Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Heineken, Carlsberg, SAB-Miller, InBev and many other large world brands. Due to extremely high requirements concerning the quality and technical parameters, we use only top-class materials. Apart from the quality and cost-effectiveness criteria, the selection of technologies and materials used in the production of cans and ends is based on environmental issues; in the production process we only use water-based paints and varnishes which allows us to eliminate the negative impact of the printing and varnishing process on the natural environment.

Phone: +971 4 8020100 CPME_SALES@CANPACK.COM